Heaven Can Wait Yacht Club Inc/Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto
Lake Macquarie September 29-30, 2012

Entry to the 2012 Heaven Can Wait 24 Hour Yacht Race can only be made via this website using our secure e-commerce system. Entry fees are payable to the Heaven Can Wait Yacht Club Inc.

As in 2012, "baseline" entry fees will be as follows:
24 Hour Race: $50
One Lap Dash: $30
12 Hour Race (New):$50
Any two events: $70
All three events: $100
These fees will be retained by the club.

All funds raised by your yacht's team via the http://www.everydayhero.com.au/event/hcw2012 website will go to the Cancer Council NSW, and a tax receipt will be automatically and immediately send to each donor. The Cancer Council NSW will remit 30% of funds raised in this way (to a maximum of $5000) to Marine Rescue NSW, Lake Macquarie Division.

If your team does not achieve the minimum donation levels set ($200 for One Lap Dash entrants, $500 for 24 Hour Race/12 Hour Race entrants), just prior to the race, your credit card will be debited according to the following schedule:
24 Hour Race: An additional $100
One Lap Dash: An additional $45
Any two or three races: An additional $130
NOTE: These additional fees will be remitted in full to the Cancer Council NSW, and you will be issued with a tax receipt.

Please indicate which event(s) you wish to enter
One Lap Dash Mannering Park Course (full lap of Lake Macquarie): All keelboats, skiffs, sportsboats, etc, including boats also doing the 24 Hour Race will do this course)
One Lap Dash Pulbah Island Course (omitting leg down to Mannering Park and back): Only non-sportsboat trailerables – who are NOT doing the 24 Hour Race will do this course)
24 Hour Race
12 Hour Race
24 Hour Race AND One Lap Dash Mannering Park Course

12 Hour Race AND One Lap Dash Mannering Park Course

24 Hour Race AND 12 Hour Race

All Three Races


Entry fees:
24 Hour Race: $50 (contingent on your boat raising a minimum of $500 through http://www.everydayhero.com.au/event/hcw2012)
12 Hour Race: $50 (contingent on your boat raising a minimum of $500 through http://www.everydayhero.com.au/event/hcw2012)
One Lap Dash Race: $30 (contingent on your boat raising a minimum of $200 through http://www.everydayhero.com.au/event/hcw2012)
Any Two Events : $70 (contingent on your boat raising a minimum of $500 through http://www.everydayhero.com.au/event/hcw2012)
All Three Events : $100 (contingent on your boat raising a minimum of $500 through http://www.everydayhero.com.au/event/hcw2012)

Click this button to automatically set up your EveryDayHero fundraising page. You will be sent an email from EveryDayHero confirming your fundraising page has been set up, along with log in details and a password.

I don't wish to raise additional funds via the http://www.everydayhero.com.au/event/hcw2012 web page. Please invoice my card as follows and arrange for the Cancer Council NSW to send me the appropriate tax receipt:
24 Hour Race: $150
One Lap Dash Race: $75
Any two or three events: $200

I would like to make a further donation to the Cancer Council NSW $

Entrant Boat and Owner/Controller Details
* Compulsory
Boat Name: *
Sail Number: *
Skipper/Owner Name: * Owner Skipper
Email: *
Confirm Email: *
Contact Number: *
Street Address: *
City: *
Postcode: *
Country: *
Onshore contact name: *
Onshore contact email: *
Onshore contact number: *
Skipper has night sailing ability (24 hour race only): Yes No

Do you have at least 2 competent crew onboard with previous night sailing experience (24 hour race only)? Yes No

Boat Type
If Other:

If other:

Hull Material:
Launch Year:
Length Overall * : M Feet
Draft *: M Feet
Retractable Keel : Yes No
With Spinnaker    Without Spinnaker

VHF MMSI number : What's this?
(if your VHF has a MMSI entered, please provide your number. That will assist us in tracking your boat during the race.)

Please provide some basic information about your boat to assist us in developing a fair handicap for you. If you do not provide these details, we will assume your boat is a "standard spec" and handicap her accordingly -- but those handicaps may be revised upon further inspection and advice.

Rig : Masthead    Fractional    Carbon    Different Size

Sails :
Non-standard main   Square-top    Large Roach   
Oversize headsail.   Non-standard spinnaker   Masthead
Non-standard spinnaker setup    Symmetrical    Asymmetrical

Hull :
Extended transom. Additional length m
Keel modifications. Longer m . Bulb weight kg

"Cruising" additions : Bimini Dodger Fixed-blade prop

Any other modifications to or fittings on your boat that may affect performance, either positively or adversely?

Crew Detail:
Please list ALL crew (BUT DO NOT RE-LIST SKIPPER) with address and contact phone numbers:

1. Crew Name:
Street Address:
City:     State:   Postcode:  

2. Crew Name:
Street Address:
City:     State:   Postcode:  

3. Crew Name:
Street Address:
City:     State:   Postcode:  

4. Crew Name:
Street Address:
City:     State:   Postcode:  



Advertising : This Event is conducted under ISAF Regulation 20, Category C, however the Sailing Committee reserves the right to caution or disqualify any Yacht that is in breach of this code and openly displays signage inappropriate or disrespectful toward the Event’s Primary Cause and/or its Sponsors.

Does your vessel have signage displayed on its sails and or Hull? Yes No

Boats Under 20 foot LOA
: All Boats under 20 feet LOA that meet Category 5N requirements, MUST apply for entry from the Organising Authority, with the condition that each such entry is considered appropriate for this Event and will only be considered based on the following requirements:
a) Accommodation, all boats under 20 foot LOA MUST have an adequate Cabin to store equipment, and provide adequate shelter for crew when not required of the working deck.
b) To adequately participate with limited Rescue Assistance.
c) Minimum of 2 crew on the working deck at any one time.
d) Minimum number crew of 3
Please specify boat details

Movable Ballast
: Yachts may request permission from the Race Committee to use movable and/or variable ballast for the purpose of increasing stability. Any such request must be accompanied by full details of the system involved, and such system will be taken into account in establishing the Yacht’s handicap. Stored power may be used for the operation of movable ballast systems. Rules 51 and 52 are modified to the extent required by this paragraph.

Application to use moveable ballast or stored power (NOR 2.8) Yes No
If yes, please provide boat details

By proceeding to the next page, and completing your payment details, you confirm you agree with the following statement

I, as Owner/Skipper/Nominee agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2013 (RRS), the Notice of Race, the Sailing Instructions and all other Rules that govern this Event. I acknowledge that under RRS Rule 4 – the decision to Race, the sole responsibility for a boat deciding to participate in a Race is hers alone. I understand that neither the Organising Authority nor its officers, members and servants nor any other persons assisting with the conduct of this Event accept responsibility in respect of any injury or loss to person or property that may be sustained by reason of participation in the Event or howsoever arising in connection with this Event.

I have read the waiver above and I accept Yes No

IMPORTANT: As part of your Heaven Can Wait entry process, you will receive automated confirmatory emails from heavencanwait.com.au and everydayhero.com.au (if you opted to raise funds through EveryDayHero). If you don't receive these emails within a few minutes, please check your Junk mail folder, in case one or more of them has gone there. If they are not there, and they still don't arrive, please check you have typed in your email address correctly. If that doesn't appear to be the reason, please contact us on info@heavencanwait.com.au